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New PC Set-Up

Donít waste your time try to comprehend complicated instructions.
Our technician will make setting up your new computer system hassle
free at no time with our PC setup service. We even take empty boxes
and recycle them for you.

PC Set-Up Service includes:

    ∑  Unpack and make sure everything that you have purchased is in the box.

    ∑  Setup and configuring your computer(monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc)

    ∑  Set up one Internet & email account

    ∑  Enableing all security setting in Windows operating system

    ∑  Ensuring your computer function properly

    ∑  15 mins free consultation on your new system

∑   New PC  Setup

∑   Advanced PC Tune-Up

∑   Diagnostic and Repair

∑  Wireless Networking

∑  Advanced network Security Setup

∑  Software Installation and Upgrade

∑  Hardware Inastallation and Upgrade

∑  Spyware, Virus, etc., removal

∑  Data Backup and Recovery

∑  Software Training

∑  Child Proof Internet Surfing

∑  Web Site Design and Hosting

∑  Helpdesk by Phone or Internet

∑  Additional Services
About    Residential      Business      Request a Quote      Schedule a Service Call      News      Contact Us