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Residential Computer Services:

Best Computer Tech, a division of Global Computer Technologies Inc., offers affordable and reassuring solutions to residential based clients. Your clients won’t be affected by a troublesome PC; our technicians will come to you, your office, and your home, whatever it takes to fix your problem. Our U.S. based certified technicians can service your computers, software, networks and peripheral issues, anytime, 24-7!  Furthermore, our technical support team will help you with the best options, based on your situation, time, requirement, location, and budget.

We will show you how to get the most out of your computer.
In our business, there are no surprises. We will give you a service estimate and ask your approval, and then we will proceed to resolve your computer issues.

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  We offer 24x7 technical support via phone or Internet

·   New PC  Setup

·   Advanced PC Tune-Up

·   Diagnostic and Repair

·  Wireless Networking

·  Advanced network Security Setup

·  Software Installation and Upgrade

·  Hardware Installation and Upgrade

·  Spyware, Virus, etc., removal

·  Data Backup and Recovery

· Software Training

·  Child Proof Internet Surfing

·  Web Site Design and Hosting

·  Helpdesk by Phone or Internet

· Additional Services
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