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Wireless Networking Services:
Have it your way, surf the Web anywhere you want.  With his standard wireless networking service. We will setup and configure your home or home office computer’s wireless network. We will configure, connect your PC to your home  network devices.
                             No wire attach… work anywhere you want
Wireless Network

Wireless Service includes:
    ·  Configuring 2 PCs/ laptops
    ·  Firewall setup and configuration
    ·  Configuring Windows Security setting
    ·  Configuring WEP on Router
    ·  Configuring File sharing
    ·  Configuring Printer sharing
     · Establishing a connection between
        PC and devices
Advanced Wireless Network
  Adv. Wireless Service includes:
    ·  Configuring 4 PCs/ laptops
    ·  Advanced  firewall setting
    ·  Advanced security setting
    ·  Advanced WEP setting on the router
    ·  Setting File/Printer sharing on all PC/laptop
    ·  Closing all unnecessary ports
    ·  Enable wireless encryption
    ·  Setting internet contents filtration on router
    ·  Ensuring that your network is secure

·   New PC  Setup

·   Advanced PC Tune-Up

·   Diagnostic and Repair

·  Wireless Networking

·  Advanced network Security Setup

·  Software Installation and Upgrade

·  Hardware Installation and Upgrade

·  Spyware, Virus, etc., removal

·  Data Backup and Recovery

·  Software Training

·  Child Proof Internet Surfing

·  Web Site Design and Hosting

·  Helpdesk by Phone or Internet

·  Additional Services
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